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How to apply for CAF by LivinFrance ?

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Am I eligible for CAF ?


As long as you are renting a property in France, you are eligible to apply for CAF application. It’s been years since the french government decided to help people to pay their rents. The principle is simple, through an application, you will have to communicate some informations of yours. Application that will be process by a french administration : CAF (Caisse d’allocation familiale) . In some specific situations, you will not be able to have access to CAF because of some VISA reasons. Mexican students for example cannot apply for CAF is they have a short term VISA. Check if you are eligible for this aid


How much will I receive ?


Depending on some informations such as 2015’s revenues of your parents, the cost of the rent, whether if your rental is fully furnished or not, also depending on what property do you rent ? A room or a studio or a 2 bedrooms accommodation ? etc…

According to what we’ve seen so far,our students would get between 90€ to 175€ per month


How do I process ?


If you take the Regular pack or the Premium pack,  LivinFrance will do the application for you! Check every details on our housing packs 

We will need some documents from you. A birth certificate is mandatory and it has to be translated in french with a certified company.

The other requirement is to have a french bank account. Without an IBAN, you will not have the possibility to continue the application online.

If you want to do it yourself, the first step will be going to the website and sign up for your personal account which is pretty difficult!

Start the application request within the first month of your arrival, then, you will have to upload some documents of yours and insert some information from your accommodation. 

The cost of rent, the total cost the rent, the number of persons living inside your place, the size of your bedroom etc…

CAF process is an heavy process but at the end of the day, you get a financial support which can be very appreciated!

If you want to successfully process your CAF application and receive this financial support, you must be following some conditions :


Every application is individual which means that every tenant will have to apply for CAF financial support !


Here is what you need :

-A proof of residence.

-Have a french bank account.

-Have a student health insurance plan.

-Valid student VISA.

-A French birth certificate certified.

-Informations on your accommodation ( cost of rents, deposit, numbers of roomates, square meters of your bedroom … )


If you already started your CAF application but don’t know how to finish it, send us an email to get some help, a city manager will be happy to give you advices.

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