Burgers : LivinFrance’s addresses in Lille !

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LivinFrance shares its burger secrets with you

You’ve had enough of the McDonalds’ burgers ? You want to eat good, or even exceptional burger for a reasonable price ? We know just the right places for you.

The most original : Raptor Shack

First of all, the Raptor Shack, at 18 rue d’Amiens, offers varied products in an American atmosphere.

Different menus are offered :

  • The first one priced at 8€50, which lets you have any burger on the menu, with a side of French fries or onion rings and a drink
  • The second one is a special offer for students, priced at 7€50, with different burgers, a side and a drink.

You can even find delicious cheese fries, because who doesn’t like cheese on their fries, right ?

For the drinks, you have quite the choice, there are more options than in your usual fast food restaurant : Dr Pepper, Arizona, Guarana Antartica, …

They also have a large choice of burgers, most of them are beef based, but don’t you worry, there also is a vegetarian option ! Moreover, their steaks are big and juicy and the bread is homemade.

Unlike other fast foods, you won’t have to eternally wait on the side to get your burger. Raptor Shack givers you a beeper, so you can go and have a seat, and when your order is ready, the beeper rings and all you have to do is to go and get your delicious food.

And if you don’t even want to move from home, Deliveroo delivers it right to your home, so there are no excuses !

The frenchiest : Big Fernand

If your budget is a little higher, and you’re ready to pay for homemade quality burgers, Big Fernand will fulfil all of your desires at 1-3 rue de Béthune. There, you won’t eat hamburgers, but “hamburgés” !

There is only one menu, the “Little formule” priced at 15€, with an hamburgé, a side and a drink.

Unlike Raptor Shack, Big Fernand serves more than beef. You could also choose between chicken, veal, lamb, or a vegetarian. For the side dish, you’ll have salad or delicious paprika French fries. And for the drinks, you’ll have original choices like a biological beer, or even juices called “Archibald Fernand’s elixirs”. The burgers are as French as their name : tome de savoie, raclette, grilled eggplant, parsley, pork belly, …

The place is quite rustic, with old wooden tables and chairs, and the servers’ uniform : checked shirts, overalls and a beret, a perfect French cliché !

As Raptor Shack, you can get delivered at home, but this time you’ll have to use Take Eat Easy !

The anti-burger sanctuary : Baggelstein

If you don’t want to hear about burgers, kebabs, and all the rest, we have an option for you : Baggelstein !

Located in the city center, rue Faidherbe, this french concept freshly arrived in Lille attracts many people. And why ? Only because it’s delicious (and they are very nice too) !

You’ll find a great choice of menus :

  • A menu with a salty bagel and a drink, that you could also combine with a dessert (cookies, muffins) for a few more cents
  • Another menu for the gourmet with a sweet bagel and a drink
  • And a « fitness » menu adapted to those who are on a diet, combined with a « Naked » drink or a fruit salad.

You can enjoy them in a very 50’s place, with funny phrases written everywhere and old newspapers. LivinFrance advices you to check this place out !

There you go, we told you everything we know about the best burger places in Lille. If you know any other place worth going to, just tell us in the comments !

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