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Erasmus experience in Lille ? Taste our few beers!

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If you’ve just arrived in town, nothing is better than hanging out with new friends in a bar and having fun with a beers in Lille. Let’s respect Lille’s tradition ! But, which beer to choose and improve your Erasmus experience? LivinFrance gives you pieces of advice !

North of France has the great advantage to be close to Belgium, that’s why we can find so many kinds of beers!

For those who have a tight budget, this is our selection of beers in Lille during your Erasmus experience:

  • Jupiler: imported directly from Belgium, Jupiler is our dear neighbor’s national beer. You’ll find this blond and refreshing beer in almost every bar inLille at the affordable price of 4€ per pint (50cl).
  • Stella: This one is almost the same kind of beer as Jupiler. You also can find it at the same price range.
  • Tigre bock: A blond beer from the Kronenbourg breweries that you will find at a very low price in some bars like the Berkeley at 13 rue Philippe-Laurent Roland, just next to the Catholic University Campus.

For those who have little higher budget, here is LivinFrance ‘s selection (still affordable!)

  • Chouffe (8%): A blond beer with a triple fermentation made in Belgium. This beer will delight you papillae thanks to its orange blossom flavour.
  • Rince Cochon (8,5%): A French beer which is currently design in Belgium. It is a blond beer with high fermentation.
  • Cuvée des Trolls (8,5%): fresh, round and balanced.
  • Kasteel Red: Red beer with a sweet cherry flavour.

You will find these beers at the average price of 6€ for a pint (5€ during Happy Hours)

LivinFrance ‘s selection of beers with a funny name !

  • La Fée Torchette: you will find it at the After Hour (a bar located just in front of Place Sébastopol). It is a blond beer with a spicy note of ginger.
  • La Saint GlinGlin: an actual beer from North of France, it is an  Abbeys’ beer that you’ll also find at the After Hour.
  • Barbãr (8%): blond beer with a high fermentation. It tastes like honey! You’ll find it at the O’Scotland bar in Solferino Street.

The best bars for the best beers:

  • Au Fut et à Mesure: a bar with an awesome concept where you can serve yourself a draught beer at each table of the bar. This nice place to go out is in rue du Faisan, just in front of the supermarket “Match”.
  • Palais de la bière is located in front of Lille Flandres Station. It offers an impressive variety of beers (draught or in bottles). The place is opened everyday from 6 a.m to midnight and offers typical meals from North of France and Belgium.
  • La capsule is located in the Old Lille, in rue des Trois Molettes, and offers 12 different draught beers that you’ll probably have the chance to discover.

So now, which one will you taste first during your erasmus experience?

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