Exchange students in Lille: the discovery of Vauban

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Vauban is one of Lille’s best neighborhood! located in the West part of the city. It is quite a nice place. No less than 15 000 international students every year are studying in Vauban! As you must know, it’s a young and dynamic place and a nice neighborhood to live in.

What is Vauban and what can I find in this area ?

The architecture in this neighborhood is quite diverse, which allows every person, with their own different tastes, to find a place they would love to live in. In the Vauban area, there are many Haussmanian style houses and private mansions, often transformed into studios. On another hand, in Vauban, we will find social housing structures, and houses with a typical Northern France style: les courées. Les courées are small XIXth century houses, all very similar. Old accommodation for laborers and miners during Lille’s industrial era.

Moreover, Vauban is also about universities. The Catholic University (Institut Catholique) is one of the biggest. It’s 5 faculties: Law (FLD), Medicine and Maieutics (FMM), Management, Economics and Sciences (FGES), Literature and Human Sciences (FLSH) and Theology (FT).

Every school / University near La catho is a part from this institute ! There are so many universities in communication, engineering, or business, like ISTC, ISEN, ISA, ESTICE, ICAM, HEI, IESEG, …

In Vauban, there are many things to do. Running, having fun with your friends, chilling, studying, eating and much more!

Where can I chill / Run ?

  • Outside of the Catholic University, there is a little park where you can chill and eat something. There some benches outside and when the sun goes up, it’s extremely quiet and chill.  
  • Located in front of the Medicine University, Catholic university renovated a natural park so students can chill down and enjoy nature ! They are even make grow some vegetables and other plants.
  • There is also a little parc located at the end of the “Rue nationale”, Number 255 ! The park is square Birdwood ! The good point is that you can find many different place where grab something to eat for about 5 to 8 euros.
  • When the sun is out, there’s no better place to go then to the Citadelle, where you can enjoy the weather in the Vauban Garden. Whether it is to take a walk, to picnic, to nap, or even to jog, you will appreciate the cozy atmosphere and the presence of musicians who will enlighten your afternoon (or your evening).
  • To push the nature vibe even further, you can even go to the zoo, 8 minute walk from the garden this place is praised by tourists and exchange students.


What are the best spots to go eat ?  

We have selected some good addresses for you, here is a mix of every type of cuisine, from french cuisine to Italian, to chinese !

  • Home Pizza.This place is just amazing, it’s one of the best pizza in town. Starts from 6€ to 7.5€ if you want it special. Everything is perfect in their pizzas, you will never see such a fresh dough, products and the cheese is fantastic ! Facebook page
  • Mian Dian, 113 Rue Meurein is a very special place, the owner is very kind and will serve you awesome Raviolis. The best fare is to take a mix, Chinese rice + Ravioli for a fare price of 6€!
  • Les saveurs Thaï, 276 rue National is a nice place to grab something to eat. The Pad thai is excellent and for a reasonable price.
  • Mac food, 163 rue colbert is a fast food that serves good burgers for a good price, our favorite menu is the Menu Duo 3 ( 2 double cheese + fries + drink for 7 € ). 
  • Boulangerie Papillon, 235 bis rue Nationale. It’s a very good bakery that offers for 5.5€ a menu that comes with a sandwich + pastry + drink. The quality is brilliant !
  • Dog Sandwich is located Boulevard Vauban and you can’t miss it. They just renew their shop and they offer a large variety of sandwich. It’s a very good deal if you are hungry ! 


Where can we go out as exchange students?

If you want to go out with your new Erasmus friends, here are some must-go places in the neighborhood :

  • The bar La Faluche, which is just behind the Catholic University is a very popular student pub where you can have fun both on the ground floor and in the basement, with its pool table.
  • There also is L’îlot Bar, Rue Nationale, with a slight hipster atmosphere, where darts and board games nights are organized!
  • L’appart Café is not of the busiest in the neighborhood from 5 to whenever they close ! They offer a large choice in cocktails and beers. The staff is very welcoming and pretty cool !
  • Le Bô Bar is also an excellent place to chill after your student day! They serve a large choice of cocktails (our favorite is the White Russian)


Do you think this would be a nice place for you to live in? Let us know in the comments !

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