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Before your stay

LivinFrance is a startup that helps international students to easily settle down in France for a short-term period. First, we help you find an accommodation that suits your needs through our platform. We’re also a web tool designed for universities to help them out welcome and support their incoming students in France. This tool will help you in all your administrative papers such as utility activation, housing insurance subscription, cell phone card, transport card, bank account, CAF application among many others…!

    Booking a room or an accommodation with LivinFrance takes only a few steps. You need first to sign up and create your account, then fill in your information in your profile.

  1. Choose the room / studio you would like to rent.
  2. If you process a booking request, LivinFrance has 48 hours to confirm the booking or not. If the landlord refuses the booking, you will be fully refunded from the booking fees.
  3. Once accepted, we will put you in contact with the landlord and you will have 96 hours to process the payment of the first month of rent + the deposit.
  4. Organize your arrival by scheduling your check-in with your landlord and complete all the administration forms required.

The first payment you will have to do with LivinFrance will be our fees. Once the booking accepted, your accommodation will be reserved for you. If you are rejected, you will not be debited from the booking fees. In order to complete your booking, you will have to complete the payment of the first month of rent + the deposit within 96h otherwise your booking will be canceled and your fees will not be refunded.

The one time fee from LivinFrance is a little sum of money that helps us being able to maintain our activity and our support designed for international students and keep providing safe and great accommodations.

Once the rental process made in the platform, you will have to process the rent payment from the LivinFrance platform. There will be 2 different ways to pay your rent:
  1. By bank transfer.
  2. Pay directly by cash to the landlord's place.

For security reasons, we advise you to process the payment of rent by bank transfer.

Most of our properties are all inclusive. It means that the rent covers every charges from the house. However, make sure which charges are included in the rent in the section “charges (included in rent)” on the offer’s web page. Housing insurance will never be included.

A guarantor is a person that is financially responsible for you in case of non-payment of the rent. Usually, French process requires a guarantor. LivinFrance has been working on that to offer accommodation without having any guarantor.

The landlord chooses the minimum period of rental according to his own preference. Some cities in France as Paris, Lyon, Lille are saturated. It means there are more demands than offers. As a consequence, landlords can be more “picky” and choose the ones that will stay longer.

A deposit will always be due to the landlord in the rental process. It will be refunded at the end of your stay unless you’ve broken / damaged something inside the accommodation. A part of your deposit will be then deducted to cover the cost of damage. The amount of the deposit is equal to one or two months rent minus the charges.

Subscribing to an housing insurance contract is mandatory according to the French law. As a consequence, you must be able to show to your landlord an housing insurance contract when you process the check-in. Keep in mind the landlord can refuse to process the check-in if you are not able to show it.

According to the availability of the place selected, you can always choose the date of your arrival and the one for your departure. If the accommodation of your choice is not available when you arrive in France, you can book easily a place for a couple of days or simply select another accommodation.

LivinFrance has no interest in providing you unsafe accommodation. Every offer we have in our website has been selected and certified by our team. Safety is our priority so that you can peacefully settle down in your host city.


During your stay

A lease is your housing contract. It links you to the landlord and it’s an important paper. You simply need to read it and sign it.

Most of the lease will be in French since you are in France. We will recommend you to use google translation and take a picture to understand everything from it.

You must send back your housing contract signed to the landlord.

A lease is your housing contract. It links you to the landlord and it's an important paper.

  1. No matter how much time you would like to rent the place, a lease will always be valid for a year. The only way to end your contract is to send a notice to vacate letter to your landlord.
  2. You must send back the lease signed to the landlord to confirm him/her your booking reservation.
  3. Canceling your housing contract is possible. However, you must respect a period of 1 month notice.
  4. If you have any questions related to your lease, contact your landlord.

Once you have processed the check-in, if there is anything wrong with your accommodation, we would advise you to contact directly the landlord. He is the only person that can fix problems. If you are still facing difficulties, contact LivinFrance.

A French bank account is not mandatory but we highly recommend you to subscribe to a bank account in order to avoid paying fees from international transfers.

You also need a French bank account if you want to apply for CAF application, transport cards...

CAF is an aid provided by the French government. Every student that rents an accommodation has the right to apply for CAF application.

It is a long-lasting process and requires a lot of administrative tasks, a French bank account and a lot of patience.

You can get from 70 to 180 euros a month. However, there are some cases in which you cannot apply for CAF. If you don’t have a long term visa for example.


After your stay

There are some requirements to respect when you leave your accommodation. The most important and only thing you need to do is to send a notice of intent to vacate letter to your landlord a month before your departure (with proof of receipt).

An appointment will be scheduled with your landlord to process the check out.

If you have subscribed to any kind of services related to your stay, you must unsubscribe to it. The easiest way is by letter of cancellation. You can get templates of it easily on the internet by searching on Google.