Are you a student coming to France ?

You need LivinFrance

How to book with LivinFrance


Select the room of your choice

We work with trusted landlords to provide you safe accommodations.
Our team has checked every property to make sure of the proper standards.
Once you have selected your city, select a room that fits your preferences


Make a booking request

To book a property, you need to click on “book” and follow the steps.
Make sure to read all information on the selected property carefully!
Remember that if you are rejected, you will not be debited from the booking fees.


Get a confirmation within 48 hours

Within 48 hours, your landlord will either accept or refuse your booking. Since our care support is fantastic, we will always help you find accommodation where you will be accepted. Once approved, we will put you in touch with your landlord. If you are refused, we will be in touch with you to help you!



You will be supported until you get home! We will explain to you what the next steps are and what are the things you have to do so you can move in the most comfortable way possible in France.
Don’t forget to subscribe for housing insurance and prepare your check-in.

Find a room easily

Booking online is a big commitment !
That's why LivinFrance make sure you're totally safe