Choose your Buddy-Pack

Offer yourself a local to help you in your administrative tasks.

Starter Pack

Unlimited assistance
Documents translation
Utilities activation
Help with housing insurance
Help with Bank account
Help with CAF

Check-in Pack

Unlimited assistance
Transfer from train station
Welcoming by a local
Document translation
Check-in inventory
Tour of the neighborhood


  • Each packs are optional services, it does not include plateform fees, rent, security deposit, housing insurance, bank account nor any external services.
  • LivinFrance puts you in contact with a local certified to help you settling down and gets you in touch with local culture.

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Check-in inventory

When entering your new room for the first time, the landlord will make an inventory of fixtures. It is very important to do it precisely, because making mistakes could lead to a part or all of the security deposit to be kept by the landlord. A local will attend the inventory to verify, translate and explain everything.

Certified documents

A regular French lease contract is a complex document, subject to specific rules. We always make sure that all lease contracts are written out in due form. If the original contract is not in English, we commit to explain it point by point.

Legal advice

Renting an apartment is very regulated in France, each party (the landlord & the tenant) has specific rights and duties. As professionals, we commit to explain in detail what you can/can’t do, and how to do it. We are also available to answer any question regarding legal matters in France.

Utilities activation

In some rooms (most of the time in studios) the electricity, the gas and water are not included in the rent. It requires subscription to services from national companies, over the phone. Since most of you are non French-speakers, a local will take care of that for you.

Bank account

Opening a bank account is the most important thing to do at your arrival. It is necessary to activate utilities (electricity etc…), to apply for financial aid for the rent (C.A.F, see below), to pay your rent, get a SIM card, among many other things. Thanks to our partnership with a national bank, opening a bank account with us is totally free.

Housing insurance

Subscribing to a housing insurance is mandatory in France. In some case, the landlord will be able to provide it, otherwise it must be subscribed at the bank (around 8€ per month). This insurance aims to protect you in case of damage (e.g. fire or natural disaster). A local will assist you for the subscription procedure.

Welcoming by a local

The day of your arrival, a local will help you to settling down, assist you during the check in process and will make you discover the area. A local can be a student or an international student working for LivinFrance. We had selected the best people so your experience starts the best way possible! This person will be there to assist you during the first weeks.


Every student in France can benefit from financial help from the state to pay his rent. The C.A.F (Caisse d’allocations familiales) is the name of the national organism to contact to apply for the aid. A.P.L (Allocations Premier Logement) is the name of the aid. The application quite complicated, requires specific documents, and takes time. We will explain everything to you and assist you all the way through.

Transport cards

If you plan on travelling to other cities of France, you might want to get the “Carte Jeune”. Subscribing to this offer costs 50€ and will save you at least 30% on the price of any national train ticket.

If your accommodation is not located in the area of your host university and you have to take the metro/bus every day, you’ll have to get a local transport card. It costs around 25€ per month and gives unlimited access to metros, buses and tramways of the Lille metropolis.

Transfer from train station

Your buddy will be picking you up to go to your accommodation. If your place is within 2km around the train station, you will take the public transport. If it is more than 2Km away, you will have access to a private driver to drop you off where you will live. The cost of transport is included in the package.

Unlimited assistance

After your arrival, LivinFrance support online will help you with any problem you’re facing. You can contact us anytime if you are in trouble or need any kind of assistance.


Tour of the neighborhood

A local will get you in touch with the area, will make you discover things to do around your accommodation and advise you where and what to do. It can be done the first day of your arrival or whenever you want to within the 2 first week. What can be better to visit the place with a local ?

Closing all accounts

You will be assisted to close all your different accounts here in France such as Bank account which is very important for you to do, your CAF application, electricity, phone, transport cards, housing insurance and most important thing, your lease contract.

Help with checking out

The local person that assisted you will be there when you will leave to assist you to leave properly and complete every forms you need to do about your lease contract with the landlord. This step is essential to get back your deposit.