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Choose your room

Select the place you are willing to rent and process the booking of your future accommodation. Make sure to read every informations such as: Don't forget section and cancel policy.

Verification of the property

We make sure every rooms on the website are real. We work with local partners to ensure the quality of the property.

No guarantor needed

We work with landlord that do not need any guarantor so we make sure to make your the quality of the property.


Make a reservation

The landlords has 48 hours to accept your booking request. You won’t get debited until the landlord accepts. If your new home differs in any way from our description, you have 48 hours after moving in to inform us.

What are the payments I have to make ?

Platform fees are the first payment. It will be made throught our website to ensure your booking request.

Future payments are the cost involved with your booking such as the rent, deposit or housing insurance.


Get a confirmation

Once accepted your payment method will automatically be charged. We will put you in contact with the landlord.

Stay in touch with us

LivinFrance has been designed to help you moving in your newhome abroad. Our support can be reached anytime


Settle in France

Organize your arrival with the landlord, schedule the check-in, think about all the things and belonging you will need (pillows, sheets), don’t forget to subscribe for housing insurance and check the cancel policy !

Don’t forget

To avoid any unpleasant situation, do things on time, Upload your informations and documents, process the payment to the landlord :)