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Exchange students in Lille : Wazemmes, atypically nice !

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A few steps away from Republic, you will find a multi cultural neighborhood : Wazemmes. Filled with friendly people, and small shops, you’ll find yourself walking in a very dynamic and charming neighborhood. With its typical and traditional architecture, Wazemmes has nothing to envy to the other areas of Lille ! During your stay we recommend you visit this part of town.

Where to go ? 

Known as mutli-cultural area, Wazemmes offers a lot of different types of music, such as hip hop or techno, night and day.

One of the main places to go to when you visit this neighborhood is Gare Saint Sauveur. This old train station is now a must-go. Its modern art exhibitions and its Bistro Saint So, a bar where you’ll meet lots of different people from any generation is a real plus. The shows and exhibitions are usually free ! The best day to enjoy this place is Thursday night!

Across the street you have a very nice park, Jean-Baptiste Lebas. Locals call “The red fence park” because of it’s red fences. This park is ideal to rest after a long night out, or to enjoy the sun in the summer.

What to do ? 

But THE place to visit in Wazemmes is its market. It’s the most famous Market in Lille. It takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 7am to 2p.m. on Place de la Nouvelle Aventure.

If you go there, you absolutely have to try the roasted chicken, it’s to take out and you can eat it in the bars that surround the market. Trust us, you won’t resist this tasty chicken and it’s delicious potatoes ! Moreover, you will find pretty much anything you want in this market : clothes, beauty products, decoration, electronic devices, …

If you want to do something different in Lille ? Relax with a nice meal or a tea, go to the only cat bar in Lille, Au Chat Voir Vivre ! Whether you are cat person or not, you won’t resist the charm of this cafe.                                Taste some local homemade products there, vegan meals, and fresh juices, all while cuddling some adorable kitties ! Moreover, the nine cats you will find there have been saved from the streets, nice right ?

Wazemmes is definitely original in its own way and a truly multicultural neighborhood, where lots of artists live, and where you’ll find nice places and bars to visit !

LivinFrance recommends you go there especially on Sundays, where people are on the streets, drinking all day long and enjoying a sunny day in the summer !

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